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Macumba by Serge Bramly

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Macumba Every January millions of people crowd the seashore to receive the blessings of Iemanja goddess of the sea All year long in terreiros in Brazil and around the world Orixa worshipers revel in the divine presence of the Living Gods directly experiencing the sacred energy of the universe Macumba is a way of life and belief that is followed by million Brazilians as well as millions more across the western hemisphere Yet it along with its sister religions of Vodun Santeria and Ifa remains a little known and largely misunderstood spiritual path This book is a welcome introduction to a rich and profound tradition whose roots lie in ancient Africa In a series of interviews Maria Jose a Mae de Santo Mother of the Gods explains the philosophy and practice of Macumba She introduces the Orixas a pantheon of deities who survived the Middle Passage to Brazil along with the African slaves With humor and grace she describes the essence of Macumba the divine interaction between humans and living Gods and the spiritual regeneration of its followers Meet a fascinating Mother of the Gods and discover another path to wisdom Learn to listen to the drumbeat heartbeat of the mystical universe as it continues to deepen and expand Sarava Umbada

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